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We have been using the WORLD e System for over two years now. It is hard to imagine how we did things in the old days. I would highly recommend WORLD e Business Solutions to any Real Estate firm!
Office Administrator
The WORLD e Realty Management System
Based on a recent report in Real Estate Magazine, “one of the frustrations for the brokers and agents of the residential real estate industry is the ongoing dilemma of dealing with “parts”. Otherwise valuable services and products continue to be devalued because they are nothing more than standalone solutions.”

The WORLD e Realty Management System is comprehensive, “end-to-end”, real estate office management system. The WORLD e Realty Management System is a powerful enabling technology delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This delivery model can offer an extraordinary value proposition for companies striving to compete in the global marketplace with associated economic pressures and fierce competition. The WORLD e Realty Management Solution is a highly functional suite of real estate and business applications developed with the flexibility and scalability to grow and evolve as your company does. 
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