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A Real Difference
When it comes to technology, the people can make the real difference, not the machines. We want to ensure your complete satisfaction with the products and services of WORLD e Business Solutions.

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The WORLD e solution was developed by by two principles with extensive experience in accounting, software development and the real estate industry. Initially, the primary focus of the company was to support a variety of small and medium size business with accounting applications and business related technologies. After a comprehensive business process analysis for several multi-office Real Estate firms, it was decided that there was a need for a fully integrated realty management system that eliminated the need to enter data multiple times, and provided more flexibility and functionally that was being offered by existing technologies. Development began on a fully integrated, enterprise class Real Estate Management System that would allow Real Estate companies of all sizes to capitalize on the power of an IBM enterprise class system and take advantage of the cost effective delivery model offered by Software as a Service (SaaS), now known as Cloud based computing.

WORLD e Business Solutions partnered with to provide WORLD e Business Solutions users with the advantage of a state-of-the-art data center without the typical headaches and expense associated with purchasing, implementing, and maintaining multiple in-house systems.

WORLD e Business Solutions is an IBM Advanced Business Partner in recognition of the commitment and the achievements that WORLD e Business Solutions has made providing reliable, robust business applications to the Real Estate industry.

The WORLD e Business Solution Realty Management System has evolved into one of the premier Realty Management System. An increasing number of companies are embracing the power and benefit of the WORLD e Business Solutions Realty Management System.

Proud to be owned, operated and fully staffed in the USA. WORLD e Business Solutions - USA

The mission of WORLD e Business Solutions is to deliver a suite of fully integrated, highly functional, user friendly applications needed to run a successful Real Estate Company. Our objective is to empower Real Estate companies with the applications and technology that will allow them to reduce the inefficiencies and complexities associated with maintain multiple in-house computers systems with silos of disparate information. Ultimately, our goal is to make Realty company owners more profitable by allowing them to focus on recruiting and retaining good agents and selling more Real Estate.

Our success is your success

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