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Why Choose an IBM Business Partner?
"If you are considering entrusting your e-business solution to an IBM Business Partner, you need to feel confident that you are selecting the right company to assist you in the project. Of course, any company that is a Business Partner of IBM has to meet a selection of requirements for resources, skills and expertise - but this is not all. Here’s what it means to be an IBM Premier Business Partner"

Dan Fortin - Vice President, Business Partners - IBM Americas
IBM Premier Business Partners have proven implementation skills and expertise in creative problem solving, innovative services, and IBM technologies to deliver the right e-business solutions for you, the customer. Being an IBM Premier Business Partner for Systems and Services also signifies that the Business Partner has committed to deliver a high level of proven customer satisfaction, measured annually by an IBM-selected independent survey company.

IBM Premier Business Partners invest in skills, technologies and program offerings provided by IBM Partner World to ensure that the advice given or the products, services or solutions offered are of the highest quality. The process of re-qualification as an IBM Premier Business Partner is conducted annually through a combination of external audit and self-assessment, using detailed questionnaires and the adherence to rigorous technical and business criteria. Together, IBM and IBM Premier Business Partners are committed to delivering greater value to enable your success in evolving to the next generation of e-business and creating competitive advantage.

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