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The Power of e
We looked at several solutions, including Lone Wolf. In the final analysis, nothing compared to the WORLD e Realty Management System. The functionality and flexibility of the WORLD e System has allowed us to streamline our business processes and improve productivity. Since the WORLD e System is a fully managed, hosted solution, we donít have to worry about servers and backups and viruses anymore. We can focus on our core business - selling real estate!

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The WORLD e Revolution

The Next Generation of Realty Management Software is Here!

The WORLD e Business Solutions Realty Management System is revolutionizing the way Real Estate brokers manage their business. The WORLD e RMS is a versatile, comprehensive, “single point of entry”, real estate office management system that fully integrates ALL of the application needed to manage and operate a successful real estate company.

The WORLD e Realty Management System allows everyone in your organization to get the information they need, when and how they need it, and share it with those who need to know. With a seamless flow of information, your people can increase productivity, deliver better customer service and enhance overall operating efficiency.
Net result... A Better Bottom Line!
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The WORLD e Advantage
High-speed Internet technology has changed the landscape dramatically for software implementation and maintenance. Just as cable service providers deliver entertainment on demand, software service providers can now leverage the power of the Internet to deliver software applications right to desktop PCs and laptops through a simple Web browser. Whether you have a single office or multiple locations, the WORLD e Realty Management System can provide you with a competitive advantage with a highly functional, on-demand Realty Management System.
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The WORLD e Committment
WORLD e Business Solutions is dedicated to making companies more competitive through high quality service and software solutions. Our applications enable real estate agencies to fully integrate mission critical business processes. Our commitment and dedication to service is second to none in the industry. Your company can benefit from the high functionality of a full-fledged, enterprise Realty Management System without the complexities, worries and high cost of ownership associated with an in-house system.
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