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Complete Integrated Solution
The WORLD e Business Solutions Realty Management System is a complete, integrated solution - hardware, operating system, application software, database, communication infrastructure, security, training and support. By using a managed, hosted solution, you can focus on your core business - selling real estate. The personnel, expense and headaches of managing an in-house realty management system is eliminated.

Reduced Obsolescence Concerns
The life expectancy of most computer workstations and servers is three to five years, which means you would have to buy new equipment every few years. With a hosted solution you do not have to worry about obsolete equipment and out of date technology. Software also has a limited life expectancy. Once the software has reached its life expectancy, the support for the software is dropped and you are expected to purchase and install an upgrade to the latest supported version (e.g. Windows XP to Vista). Often these forced upgrades will require you to purchase and convert to expensive new hardware.

Managed and Secure Environment
Your data will be protected in a controlled environment where access is limited to data center operations personnel. Your data is backed up on nightly bases and stored in a secure off-site location. With the advent of new regulations and data security requirements, protecting and securing data has become a key concern for all real estate companies.

The WORLD e Realty Management System allows you to have faster initial implementation cycles and faster implementation of enhancements and customization. Adding a new report or additional functionality can be a matter of a few days or even a few hours! A PC based system may require months or years before a new version of the software is available, and may or may not include the functionality that you need.

Reliable and Secure Infrastructure
The WORLD e Business Solutions Realty Management System is built on IBM Power systems, a secure, dependable and scalable 64-bit computer, utilizing advanced relational database technologies. The system incorporates a unique architecture that virtually eliminates concerns of costly computer virus attacks and unauthorized access.

Tailored to the Needs of your Real Estate Company
The WORLD e Realty Management System provides an extraordinary level of flexibility. The software is designed to be highly functional and adaptable to accommodate your current business processes. It has always been our belief that our clients should not be forced to change their business processes to fit our software.

Experience and Support
When it comes to technology, the people can make the real difference, not the machines. The people at WORLD e Business Solutions have been providing proven software/service solutions for over two decades. Our highly experienced professionals are experts when it comes to providing service and support to our clients.

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Improve business communications and customer service by providing a single, unified interface
  • Improve workflow efficiency by streamlining applications and automating business processes
  • Reduce errors, costs and improve productivity through business process automation
  • Improve decision-making with access to real-time information
  • Reduce costs by delivering self-service applications to agents, employees and customers
  • Improve service by providing anywhere, anytime application access
  • Reduce risk by delivering secured access to information
  • Reduce risk by improving audit tracking of applications
  • Improve the Bottom Line!

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